Domestina Partnership Program

What is Domestina and how does it help your business

Domestina is a platform which will help you present and manage your cleaning business.

Our software will take care of all the mundane tasks and let you focus on better servicing your customers. Booking, scheduling, billing and invoicing, task distribution, vacations & sick leaves, customer feedback and many more are running completely autonomously. See more in the video.

Why you should join Domestina today

The Domestina Platform gives you the opportunity to really develop your business. It doesn't matter if you already have one, or you're about to start. The processes which we've developed, tested and proved as best practices will give structure to your business. The software which we've built will make it run smoothly without human errors and stressful situations. Bring your business to the 21st century now!

Vladislav Simov
CEO & Co-Founder

What you get
Online Booking System

Clients can book a cleaning service without any human interaction and still be sure that the cleaner is available to visit their address on that date and time.

Rules and Procedures

Access to the full guidebook which includes many best practices proven over years of testing.

Management Software

Fully autonomously, the Domestina platform will distribute tasks, find substitutes to missing maids, collect customer feedback and many others.

What does the platform offer
Access to the management system

Access to the management interface through which you can manage payments, bookings, feedback, sick leaves and many more.

Company website

Company website as a subdomain of Domestina, which will present your identity to your clients and will give them easy access to your services.


Initial training how to setup and make use of our management system. Guidebook containing all processes as well as a manual for the daily tasks.

Application Process

You fill a questionnaire and an application form, which will be reviewed in 7 days.

If you're approved, you'll be invited for an in person or online interview.

Final contract is signed for a minimum of 1 year.

Awards and recognition

Domestina is highly appreciated in the business world with numerous nominations and awards, including: Forbes Business Awards: Best Startup Business 2014 and 2015; Evolution Awards: Best Customer Experience 2016, Evolution Awards: Best Electronic Market 2016, Evolution Awards: Best Design Aesthetic 2016.

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